Unistop Financials’ Mission is to facilitate quality deals, raise capital and close transactions, whilst managing the expectations of all parties involved.

We aim to empower dealmakers by bridging the gap between global investors and global investment opportunities. We pride ourselves on our quality proprietary and unique opportunities spanning across multiple jurisdictions and asset classes.

With the experience and record of accomplishment on both sides of the investment table. seeing bad pitches, poorly prepared investment packs we decided to change the way companies raise funding from prestigious investors and venture capital funds. We bring the insider knowledge, the methodology and the tools of the trade to ensure that Investors and Entrepreneurs are a harmonious match.

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Capital Raising

  • Family offices
  • Private banks
  • Wealth management boutiques
  • Asset managers
  • Foundations and endowments
  • Corporate investors
  • Other types of institutional investors
  • Consultants and financial advisor networks

Impact Investing

  • Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental, Social and Governance

Venture Capital

  • Technology – Software and Hardware
  • SaaS
  • Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Internet of Things
  • Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, E-Mobility
  • Healthcare & medical devices / MedTech
  • STOs

Private Equity

  • Infrastructure & energy: conventional & renewable
  • Telecom, Media, Technology
  • Composite materials
  • Natural resources: mining metals & rare-earth minerals, oil & gas
  • Pre-IPO deals


With the current COVID-19 pandemic, this archaic process has ground to a halt, leaving many entrepreneurs stressing about what to do next.

Painless Setup

If you are a real operating company and have your financials and paperwork relatively organized, you should be able to get live within a few weeks

“YES” decision

It is hard to part with $25,000 or $100,000 to buy stock in a startup company. Even the wealthiest need to have a conversation making it easy for investors to say “YES” is particularly important.


You are no longer limited to the wealthiest and most well connected, but can now go to those who are most excited about your business.

Brand Loyalty

One of the most important groups that would want to invest in your business if you gave them the opportunity is your customers. There is no better way to build brand loyalty and create brand ambassadors than to allow those customers to own equity.

 Deal Tension

Cutting out the redundant negotiations makes your life easier as the entrepreneur we make it easier for an investor to say “YES”.

Deal Origination

Many companies are unknown or misunderstood in the capital markets and therefore struggle to get their story across to potential investors. At Unistop Financial, we act as your guide in achieving your company’s fundraising

With over 20 years of experience, we can offer the knowledge, skills, as well as an elevated level of credibility on the Street with significant long‐term relationships with investors, analysts, and banks to assist companies to position their company and investor story to optimize enterprise value.

As a facilitator that originates investors with entrepreneurs looking for access to financing and are otherwise not able to access conventional sources. We have complete mandate flexibility across industry, product, and geography. Our experienced, in-house investment team, combined with our hyper-aligned Joint Venture Partners, enable Unistop Financial to source far more opportunities and be selective in identifying a highly diversified number of opportunities designed to offer optimal risk/reward, where our investors receive adequate compensation as well as downside protection.

Capital Raising

Getting the right investors into a company’s equity is one of the most important aspects of investor relations both to align investors with the strategy and management and to make the best use of managements time. Unistop Financial works with the management team to target the most appropriate investor base for the company. We have a proprietary global investor client base.



Controlz Centre



What We Are Achieving

Raising 15 million Euros for the completion of the Controlz Centre. Contracting Quants to build the algorithms  

Six Reasons Every Company Should Be Raising Capital With Unistop Financial Right Now

Raising capital and selling stock is one of the most important challenges for entrepreneurs of all stages.

It also is one of the most difficult, time-consuming and inefficient tasks they face. Fortunately, with Unistop Financial entrepreneurs can now use our expert service and free up valuable time and reduce unnecessary stress.

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