DomiNeos Overview

DomiNeos is a One-stop financing solution for real estate development reducing complexity by eliminating multiple lender requirements and inter-creditor agreements without alignment of interests. The one-stop solution substantially reduces development risk Automation of the approval process via Controlz* Centre. Provided application meets Controlz* stress test/risk parameters, up to 90% LTC is available, including all finance costs. Project selection is based on best macroeconomic and microeconomic analyses under the Controlz* Centre not the short-term evaluation of lending opportunities. DomiNeos incorporates a guarantee fund and contingent capital as a part of the overall project financing.
The core team represents expertise across economic, capital markets, insurance and development markets.
Viable Tech Product
The product is ready for coding and final implementation – advanced prototype and all architecture in place.
Strategic Relationships
The strategic relationships are fully documented in DomiNeos presentations, there is great coverage of the assumptions in the plan by top players in all required disciplines.
Major financial shocks are calculated into the approval process. The DomiNeos approval process (under Controlz*) is flexible and takes into consideration the projected macroeconomic environment.

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